Unrepentant Testo

Testo Unrepentant

Snoop Dogg dona 10 miloni di dollari ad un'app che spedisce marijuana a domicilio
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Yeah, I'm unrepentant
And i don't regret it
There isn't any other way I'm unrepentant
The sun that never sets
Emitting ultra violet rage
It's time for blood and glory too
Testyfying night
The evil that men do I'm unrependant
And i'm glad i said
There isn't any thing to save
I am just a poor boy
My stories seldom told
Except by me
Now shut your fukkin' mouth
If i might be so bold
They laid me in a manger
Fed me wine in bread
I killed the nazarene and he lies
Bleeding broken dead I'm UNREPENTANT!

Scarica la suoneria di Unrepentant!
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