What Is It To Breathe Testo

Testo What Is It To Breathe

This is about all the things my life is about
Things that make me breathe
Things that make me cry out
This is for you, everything I'm trying to do
The reason that I live, living just to show you...

You are my life
Take it, will you take it?
You are my life
Break it and remake it

Take out of me all the things you don't wanna see
Take what's left of me
Take control and break me
Break from inside things that keep me in a disguise
Things that cloud me eyes, things that keep my hands tied


So I live my life for you alone
So I live my life to make you known
And I want everyone to see
How you are my reason to be me
How you are the one way to be free


You are my life!
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