Poor Man's Hydraulics Testo

Testo Poor Man's Hydraulics

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I punch the gas
I hit the brakes
I punch the gas
I hit the brakes

The poor mans hydraulics
The poor mans hydraulics
The poor mans hydraulics
The poor mans hydraulics

[Verse 1: E-40]
Yokin it up
Tearin it up
Wakin em up
Shakin my butt

Serving some weight
Having my cake
Acting a ape
Smoking my grapes

Lifted and Splifted
Whiskeyed and Twisted
Me and My Niggas
Get it and Fit it

Makin em Mad
Makin em Sad
Love to Boast
Love to Brag

Slangin them raps
Selling these tracks
Up in ya broad
Up in ya batch

My trunk is throbbing
My system knock
My amp is making my woofers pop

Fully refurbished
Fully restored
70' cutlass
Sticking the floor

Turfin and crumpin
Snapping and stepping
Trappin and slumming
Bangin and reppin


[Verse 2: E-40]
Get it to the righr
Get it to the left
Make your tires bounce
Like a insufficient check

Make your car dance
Like a dance contest
Do some acrobatics
Till it lead to your arrest

Ex- ci- ting
Joy- rid- ing
High sid- ing
Big Tim- ing

Brand new shocks
Rebuilt motor
What color paint is that?
Chocolate mocha

Chrome Lips
Chrome Tips
Chrome everywhere
Chrome on my hip

Reputable intellectual
I'm trying to fit you in my schedule

Sticking and moving
Reducing my prices
Adjusting my rates
Bringin new clients

Checking my traps
Running my route
Collecting my snaps
Peeling on out


Get it off the ground
Get it off the ground
Get it off the ground
Get it off the ground
Get it off the ground

[Verse 3: E-40]
Look at me squat
Look at me mash
Look at me yoke
Look at me smash

Ooh me, I ain't playin
Ooh me, I'm my biggest fan

Me no cupcake,
Me no mark
Me no sucka
Me got heart

289, 454
Fresh outta impound
Fresh outta tow

He so foolish
I con-cur
Roger that
Aye, aye sir

Unusual slump
Dinormous slap

He off a blunt
He on that yac

Show cas-ing
Car rac-ing
Ice skat-ing
Lane chang-ing

Heads or tails
Flipping a coin
Bill of sales
Everday morn

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