Fritz Love My Tits Testo

Testo Fritz Love My Tits

Inserito il 12 Febbraio 2005
Chiude il Roxy Bar, celebre grazie a Vasco Rossi
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Rap: Fritz Fritz
Beat it Fritz
And take your fingers off her tits
And if she says
She loves you too
It's a lie oh my - it just ain't true
Fritz Fritz
Listen Fritz
Don't tell me - it's your key that fits
You say she's yours but I say well
I'm gonna kick you down to hell

[*] Hey hey hey Fritz
Your key fits nicely
My body opens to your touch
So ring my bell and just entice me
I need your lovin' oh so much
Hey hey hey Fritz
I know I thrill you
But if you love me please take care
Cause if Max gets you he will kill you
You better watch out for him Fritz
Cause he's wild
And baby when he aims he hits

Oh Fritz I know you love my tits

Rap: Fritz Fritz
Shut up Fritz
And just stop puttin' on the Ritz
And don't you think
You're big and strong
Just because your little Fritz is so long
Fritz Fritz
Watch out Fritz
You better leave for your wife and kids
You say she wants you but I say
You'd better move back home and pray

[repeat *]

Oh Fritz I know you love my tits

Scarica la suoneria di Fritz Love My Tits!
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