Is It You Testo

Testo Is It You

My heart's all alone.
My thoughts can deceive me.
Cause tears never lie.
Please, tell me why
You had to leave me.
And time passed it by.
Each minute it I missed you.
I need you, I long for your body and soul.

Oh, is it you
Oh, maybe it's you who broke my heart
Oh, babe, is it you again
Oh, is it you
I'm waiting to give me a sign if you can

So come back to me.
I can't live without you.
Cause I miss your lips
Your fingertips
Touching me softly.
I'm dreaming of you.
Your love was so tender.
Oh, baby, I feel you are breaking my heart.

Uhh uh uh...

But, baby, I love you
Oh, is it you, baby
I'm waiting to give me a sign if you can.
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