Please Me Testo

Testo Please Me

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Oh, baby, please me with your love and lips.
Oh, baby, tease me with your sexy hips.
Because I need it, I want you.
And you can treat me as hard as you can.
Please, please me with your tender hands.
Don't you release me cause love never ends.
The way you make it is super.
And I will take it as cool as I can.

Please, please me

I wanna know what is on your mind
And I want you to leave your dreams behind
What do I do, what do I know
Whatever I do, I do it with you
It's in your head, it's in your heart
Together we are in heaven for a brandnew start
It's all or nothing, baby, gimme a clue.
What can I do for you?

Please, please me
Aahh, please me, aahh.
Oh, please, give it to me, aaahhh, aaahh.
Aah aah aah ooh babe oh aah.
Come on, give it to me, aahh...

I'm looking in your eyes.
What do I see.
I'm looking for some lies
You are true to me.
Gonna move around, gonna hit the ground.
Babe, we're attached and bound.
Don't just once, better think twice.
Baby, what are you gonna do?
I need your advice.
Baby, I want it, do you want it too?
What can I do for you?

Please, please me.
Aah, please me.
Aaahh, oh please, give it to me, aahh.

Please, please me.
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