Untouchable Feeling Testo

Testo Untouchable Feeling

Babe I hold you tight
Wanna feel you close tonight
I need love and I can't wait, to have you
Life is what you find
It's a ramalama lovin' time
You can touch me anywhere, but my heart

Untouchable feeling
You got me rockin'n'reelin'
We can dance the night away
But tomorrow I can't stay
Untouchable feeling
You got me walkin' the ceilin'
So come on and we can play, me and you
Untouchable feeling

Boy you won't forget
And you know you won't regret
If you only treat me nice, I'll let you
Baby I won't bite
But I need a lotta love tonight
So help me baby, please, I want you

Baby it's so nice
I'm a girl in paradise
I feel warm and I feel safe, in your arms
Life is there to live
And I gotta lotta love to give
And you can touch me anywhere, but my heart
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