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Testo Hollywood Waltz

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Springtime, the acacias are blooming,
Southern California will see one more day.
Dreamland and business is booming,
Birds are asingin' as I drift away.

She looks another year older,
From too many lovers who used her and ran.
But some nights, oh she looks like an angel,
She's always willing to hold you again.

So give her this dance,
She can't be forsaken.
Learn how to love her
With all of her faults.
She gave more than she's taken
And I'll go down doing the Hollywood Waltz.

Springtime, and the lady is grieving,
Her lovers just stand there with nothing to say.
They got what they wanted.
They 're packing and leaving,
To look for another to love the same way.


The Hollywood Waltz, the Hollywood Waltz.

Scarica la suoneria di Hollywood Waltz!
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