Those Shoes Testo

Testo Those Shoes

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Tell me whatcha gonna do tonight mama
There must be someplace you can go
In the middle of the tall drinks and the drama
There must be someone you

God knows you're looming good enough
But you're so smooth and the worlds rough
You might have something to lose
Oh no, pretty mama, what you gonna do in those shoes?

Got the pretty little straps around your ankles
Got the shiny little chains around your heart
You've got to have your independence
But you don't know just where to start

Desperation in the singles bars
All the jack-offs in their fancy cars
You can't believe your reviews
Oh no, you can't do that, once you've started wearin' those shoes


(They're lookin' at you, leanin' on you
Tell you anything you wanna hear)
They give you tablets of love

(They're waiting for you, got to score you
hit me with a shovel and so sincere)
Ooh, they got to kick love

You just want someone to talk to
They just wanna get their hands on you
You get whatever you choose
Oh no, you can't do that, once you've started wearin' those shoes

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