Whorehoppin' (shit Goddamn) Testo

Testo Whorehoppin' (shit Goddamn)

Smell those sweet young things. Looky here, this one's got long black hair. She's like a death metal queen... Struttin' sluts all through that whorehoppin' scene. Makes me say... (*chorus) Shit, goddamn! I'm a Man? I'm a man? Yes! I said Shit goddamn! I'm a Man!! Ride lightning fast for fuel. Cross the desert at the speed of sound! I've got the night and I've got my gun. I can't lose cos I'm the Devil's favourite son. Make's me say... (chorus) We're the kids of the blazing sun!! We've got the desert, got the sand, and our guns! We love the whorehoppin, that ain't no lie... You could tell by the devilish look in our eyes!!... Goddamn! I'm a Man. I'm a Man? I said, Shit Goddamn !! I'm a man!

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