Long As I'm With You Testo

Testo Long As I'm With You

[Verse 1:]
Said baby, how you doin?
Would you mind if, if I tell you somethin
Girl I'm feelin, the way that you doin your thang
And if it's cool maybe one day we can hang

And we, and we can do whatever you want baby
Cause I, cause I ain't tryna pressure you lady
It's on, it's on when u just let me know
There ain't no limit girl to where we can go

As long as I'm with you
It don't matter what we do
It don't matter where we go
Girl I just wanna love you

[Verse 2:]
Said baby, I can tell that
Your the greatest, simply cause it's showin
All over you, yes all over you
So if you got the time, maybe we can cruise


[Chorus x2]

Said girl if you want
We can grove tonight, while the dj is playing our song
Said you can call your friends, and I will call my friends
Or maybe you just wanna chill alone

[Chorus x2]
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