Beautiful Distraction Testo

Testo Beautiful Distraction

why would you take these things away from me? why do you seem to have nothing to say to me? i know if i were you then i'd speak volumes. it only scares me more when you say nothing.

so open up your mouth and tell me something that i don't expect to hear.

hey now don't you see this changes everything? maybe there could be a happy ending. i hope my eyes don't show that desperation. can you tell that i'm new to this situation?

so i'll close my eyes and focus, send out a thank you to whoever brought you here.

i can't look at you because you're perfect. it should be a privilege, and i'm not worth it. i wish i could hide you from the world. tell everybody near that you're my girl.

you're a beautiful distraction from the gray world that i live in. i don't know where i go from here, i'd do anything to not wake up.

i don't want to wake up.
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