Girl Like Her Testo

Testo Girl Like Her

she's a girl from jersey and she's lovely. she's got me thinking about her constantly. i like the way she does her hair and makeup. should take a picture cause i just can't get enough.

but i know i could never have that girl, cause I have low self-esteem, and i know that a girl like her, would never want a guy like me.

my friends all say "stop being down on yourself, you'll find a girl someday who wants you and nobody else" my friends all say "stop being down on yourself, you'll be happy again, you owe it to yourself."

think i saw her at the show last sunday. think she might have even looked my way. i watched her dancing in the crowd. but when the show was over she wasn't around.

i don't know how many times i looked for you, but you were never around. i looked at all the clubs and all the shows, every venue in this town. but now I see you, now I'm with you, and there's nothing more to be said. i guess in the future I'll put a bit more faith in my friends.
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