From Here To LA Testo

Testo From Here To LA

Laura Pausini nuovo giudice del talent show La Banda
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For the record I'm tired
I've been running for days
But I can't hide anymore
It's time to just settle here

The rain beats on my head
And I'm tired and cold
But I need shelter and sleep
so I can dream of a day when I return and I'm so bitter to you

I bet you left me out here
Along with the wolfs
But I have a book on skills
To survive in the woods

Winters right around the bend and I'm scared
I'm planning for a storm that will blow the roof and doors of home
From here to LA
From here to LA

Should i fallow you here
But I don't know you like that
Should I give you my keys
And see if you will come back
This time

Scarica la suoneria di From Here To LA!
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