Just Take Some Time Testo

Testo Just Take Some Time

Just take some time, tell Him what's on your mind
He will hear your heart's cry, you know He's standing by
Find a quiet place, and there seek His face
In spirit and in truth, He'll reveal Himself to you
Take some quiet time and you'll find
That He has the answers for your life, Jesus has a word for you

Fear not solitude, He will come to you
When you kneel down in prayer, He will meet you there
He knows what you need, ask Him for His peace
'Cause what He wants to do is spend time with you
Take some quiet time and you'll find
That Jesus wants to speak to you

What will you do when He comes to you and says,
“Oh my child, I've been here all of the time waiting patiently
Please don't go away, why won't you stay,
Stay for a while and commune with me
This is our time, you and I
If you won't stay, please tell me why, tell me why
Tell me why you call upon me then you rush me off the line
You say you love me and that I'm always on your mind
Oh, you said we'd be together forever Valentine
And yet you only share just moments of your time.”

Take some time to be with Him,
Renew the vow you made to Him
The day you gave to Him your heart and soul,
Brother, I tell you, you can begin again
Take some time to be with Him, Sister, renew the vow,
Make some time to speak with Him
Take some time to share with Him
To be with the one you love, ah ah ah ah
Why don't you take some time to share with the one you love
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