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Testo Love Jones

I've got a love jones for you Jesus
Something in my heart is going on
I've got a love song for you Jesus
And I'll sing it all day long

It is so amazing the joy I feel inside
And it's fascinating just to have you in my life
Everyone keeps wondering what's wrong with me these days
Ain't got a clue about me and you; they just think I'm in a daze

When my heart was broken, it was you who mended me
Bound it up with chords of love your tender remedy
If I could repay you I would anoint your feet
And this girl would tell the world how much you mean to me

I must be in love, you're all I think of
When I wake in the morning,
You're the only one that's on my mind
In the noonday Lord I feel your embrace
When the world surrounding me is so very cold and unkind
In the evening I hear you speaking to me
Through your holy Word calling me your beloved
I've been bought with a price
Lord that's sure mighty nice that you love me so much

Everyday is jubilee because of what you've done in me
Shown me how sweet life could be, you're the only remedy
Everyday is a holiday since you came into my life to stay
Hear me Jesus when I say I never thought I'd feel this way

I've got nothin' but love for you Jesus
Got a love jones for your love
Out of all the people in the world,
You're the only one that I'm constantly thinking of
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