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Testo Speak Lord

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Speak Lord and I shall hear all you have to say
Speak Lord and help me not to keep hesitating when you call my name
Speak Lord, for me I know you've been waiting
Speak Lord and I shall obey

You called Samuel when he was but a child
Though he did not know your voice, he ran to the man of God
Eli said to him, “Samuel, next time He calls your name, say unto Him,
'Yes Lord, thy servant heareth; Yes, speak to me.'”

I am so humbled that you would consider me to hear your voice
Manifest thyself to me, Lord, however you please that I may receive
For thy Word is precious, more to be desired than gold, purest gold

Oh, Be still my soul, Father's calling me to sweet melodies
I'm not afraid; when You speak to me,
Seems like I can hear angels sing

I hear your voice; speak to me (4x)
Here I am, I'm open Lord, Hallelujah, Here I am
Speak Lord and I shall hear (6x)

I ain't going no where, gonna stay right here 'til you speak to me
Lord, I wanna hear your voice, speak Lord
I wanna hear you
Can't rest 'til you speak to me
Can't live 'til you speak to me
Come on Jesus, here I am
Can't live 'less you speak to me
Can't move 'less you speak to me
I'm open Lord, yes I am, here I am
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