This I Know Testo

Testo This I Know

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
This beauty your hand created, Most High
Father indeed we beheld it, oh
From nothing you molded and shaped a great form
Where you did dwell making your home
I know I'm not worthy of you come within
But that Life you created blotted my sins
I don't know what lies ahead of me
In the absence of you is a life I can't see

As you did then, please do again
Use me, make me your home, dwell within
You love me so, You told me so,
A life with you is true; this I know

You left your Word for me, Lord, it's my guide
Leads me through life's stormy weather
You're the source of strength who will comfort my soul
Said you'd be with me forever
In all of my heartache and pain you will remain;
On me fall from on high blessed rain
Here I am Lord waiting to receive
The gift of your presence within me

As you did then, you've done again
(Thank you) for choosing me, making your home to dwell within
You loved me so, You told me so
A life with you is something beautiful

Lord I used to worry 'bout the future and what it held for me
Until you proved that You're my total security
You breathed on me and made your home inside of me
Gave me your Holy Spirit as my earnest guarantee

Should you call me home tomorrow, with you I'll ever be
Departing from a world of sorrow, basking in joy eternally
But until you rapture me away, in you I'll constantly hope
And every day as I awake, you're living in me, this I know
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