A Lost Cause Testo

Testo A Lost Cause

Fabio Rovazzi: arriva l’accusa di plagio
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Never give up on something that you hold
So dear at heart
Stick it out, see it through!
Never let it fall apart
Everyday I try to give everything I got
Could I really throw this away?
No fucking way!
Cause man, this means so much to me
Everything I have, my friends, my family
This is not just a way to pass the time
It's my fucking life
And you have the nerve to call me blind?
Thinking about the times we used to have
You dropped it without a care
Your heart is fucking bare!
How could you throw it all away?
I won't give you the time of day
Now I don't give a shit about what you do
Or what you fucking say!
Is this what you really wanted?
Or were you just fucking weak?
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