Think Again Testo

Testo Think Again

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
So you think you know the way I live,
But you really don't know shit,
Go ahead, assume what you want
I'll throw it back in yo' face,
Step to me and say what you will,
I'll put you in your place.
You tried so hard for my attention,
But I would never give it to you.
You know you are a fuckin' fake,
Wise up and accept the truth.

Your pointing fingers at everyone else,
THINK AGAIN, start pointing at yourself.
You wonder why you're being pushed away
From everyone and everything LIKE ME.
Try your hardest, it will never be enough,
Won't pull me in cause your attitude sucks,
You're so desperate, you will do anything,
But you won't get anything from me
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