Daddy's Gonna Love You Testo

Testo Daddy's Gonna Love You

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
You are my pride, you are my joy
You are my sun, you are my light
You make me feel so good inside
You are the stars that shine at night

And the day that you came, I saw with my eyes
The prettiest girl that came in our lives
Makes me wanna stop, babe
there?s nothing like loving you

Rock-a-bye baby, don?t you weep
Daddy?s gonna hug you until you sleep
No one could ever give me what I feel for you
The angels up in heaven know that I love you
Daddy?s gonna love you forever girl
Keep you in my heart cause you are my world
No one cloud ever give me what I feel for you
Daddy?s gonna love you

You came along and gave a smile
Somehow I know it?s all worthwhile
I see the sparkle in your eyes, babe
You came along and changed my life

He's gonna love you, rock-a-bye baby, rock-a-bye baby
He?s gonna love you, rock-a-bye baby
Daddy?s gonna love
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