I Want It Testo

Testo I Want It

I wanna holiday, I wanna get away I wanna car, I wanna be a big star I want my name written up in lights Like a flame til the midnight burning bright I want some love, some peace of mind I'm out tonight and these things I'm gonna find I won't be back till I got them in my bag I want 'em, it's sad, but I want it real bad A big fat car to take me far A very large mansion with room for expansion Not small things, just tall things Forgive me if I'm rude or crude, it's just my attitude I want a lover like no other could ever know I wanna live in a world that's together so What must I say, heh, what must I do? Listen to myself if my dream's gonna come true I want it like butter wants to be with the knife I want it like a ghost wants to get a life I want it from my head down to my tiptoe I want it from my mind to the bottom of my very soul I want it like a tear from an eye wants to cry I want it like a bird wing wants to fly I want it real bad, I want it real bad I want it real bad like something I've never had I told you that I want it, tonight I'm out to get it I'm on the move just to prove that I ain't just said it I'm like a thief in search of gold I'm like Satan in search of another soul I see the things that I want but can never have I want them now, gun me down, if you think I'm bad Cause I ain't falling back, I'm in full attack I've got a scheme for my dream and I know where it's at

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