Set Me Free Testo

Testo Set Me Free

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Set me freeAll I ever wanted, I have found in youA soul that´s controlled, by a heart so trueAll I ever needed you´ve given 2 meLocked inside my loveless heart and youSet me freeYou are my baby, my reason 2 liveAll the love inside me 2 to I´m gonna giveCos in the back of my mindI hear you callin´ meC´mon and get my lovin´C´mon and set me freeSet me free set everybody free (4x)All I ever dreamed ofWalked into my lifeNo more boring days, no more lonely nightsSo c´mon darlin´ give into meCome inside my soul,C´mon and set me freeSet me free set everybody free (4x)I was lonely, I was so afraidAnd with the sunshine into my life you cameYou made it brighterSo that I could seeYou hypnotise my mindAnd came and set me freeSet me free set everybody free (4x)You came into my life, set me freeYou showed me sights I thougth I´d never seeI hunger for a loverLover, just like youSomeone 2 do my heart2 do my soul the way you doYou love 2 lay and love me all night longYou feed me with the food that makes me feel real strongI really love the lovin´ that you´re givin´ 2 meSince you came ino my life, you set me freeSet me free set everybody free (4x)

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