Slow It Down Testo

Testo Slow It Down

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
(Slow it down slow, slow, slow, slow) Ooh Calm down take it easy Take a break a rest Before it's too late Take the weight off ya chest Because you're lovin' it 2 fast 2 fast, 2 fast If this is ya tempo Let go real fast 'Cause I ain't in np hurry 2 get nowhere - no don't move to fast Take a little more care 'Cause I'm here, for your needs dear Always around So let us take this love of ours And slow it down Chorus: Slow it down Yeah don't move it so fast Slow it down Ooh 'cause the longer it lasts Slow it down Yeah let your heart beat with mine Slow it down Ooh let's take our time Hush there ain't no rush Nothing can compare to a cold, cold touch Let the rhythm of our hearts Keep the beat Let the passion and desire Fire the heat - 'cause if I love 2 fast I ain't gonna last Slow it down Is all I ask 'Cause the slower the better The better the feel Rock 2 my rhythm 'Cause my rhythm girl is real Chorus:... Sittin' on ya bed in ya head U look alone Let my love inside My heart become your home Let your spirit roam in the land of the free Where our vibrations Blend in blinding unity Where the colours of the rainbow Are up there in full flow Come on baby I wanna make love No I'll never let you go Chorus:... Slow it down Yeah you're moving too fast Slow it down Yeah if you want it to last Slow it down Yeah let your heart beat with mine Slow it down Ooh baby let's take our time...

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