Tired Testo

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Testo Tired

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I'm all hung over on coffee
Guess I stayed up too late last night
Dad says I should get more sleep
But I really don't have the time
I've been too busy thinking
About how much you mean to me
And I say this very humbly
But I think that you need me

I'm tired of trying to figure out
I'm tired of fighting when I'm already free
I'm tired of feeling guilty now
Wish that I could believe grace is for me

I'm all strung out on life
Trying to make ends meet for a little peace
Dad says I should just relax
But I just don't think he sees
That I've been too busy thinking
About being real when you're with me
Ph you know it's so hard coming
When being real is to let you see
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