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Testo Dance With...

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Look into my stray soul wandering somewhere in the fields
In my deviant visions hidden in the pits
Of imagination worlds that came into existence in my head
Hidden behind the mask taken off in front of you
I'm crucified ghost
I can't live or find the calmness
In the world of both dead and alive
I'm dancing with a daemon in a cruel dance of destiny
Dance of life, dance of death, dance of redemption
I'm escaping from all that disturbs me
To the centre dark of my core
When my time comes
I'll win or I'll lose of that is my destiny
I'm a lonely warrior fighting for my existence
I'm bathed in blood that is a tear of soul
A tear of eternal sleep a drop that powders with regret
I'll win or I'll lose of that is my destiny
The time of reflection has come about your own existence
Listen to the words of truth
I'm my own shadow
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