The Sky Is Falling Testo

Testo The Sky Is Falling

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Nothing left to do
Only lies are true
They laughing at me
Burning money cold
To keep us warmer
(Caught up in his throat)
Caught up in his throat
A quote to change it all
Gotta leave the bar
Shouting louder

Reason and the sun
Waiting till it's done
Oh, no
Don't, don't do

Take the morning road
To the nearest point
And hold on
Two of you won't be
Won't be enough
The sky is falling
To the nearest one
Now that they can't see
No beauty
Beautifully quiet
They think it's gone
Think beauty has gone
All gone

Costermonger cares
Need a crossroads train
Don't matter where to try
To sell my soul
Although it's lazy
(Space there on my back)
Space there on my back
Monkeys on it's way
Wooden horse of Troy
Is in the car park

Reason and the sun
Waiting till it's done
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