Rapperfection Testo

Testo Rapperfection

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I'm here to smash rappers of all nationalities
Finalize strategies and charge up your batteries
I rotate domes with acknickulous precision
Illumination mutilate your 20/20 vision
I crush your coronary, pulverize your pulmonary
Combat your commentary, test your testimony
Demolition is an everyday delight
My syntax is intact, to wax your megabytes
Talk technician with a terrible tongue
One attempt at imitation makes a tear in your lung
You make a move for your burner, but I'm already out
You're making claims on your name, but the majority doubts
My cerebellum hits harder than aluminum pipes
My rap definition is a beautiful sight
I'm in depth, but I inject
or relax, your index
My reflex'll rehash,
you'll regret the relapse
My math is maniacal speech, try and impeach
This presidential prodigy who led essential odysseys
I rock, rivet and block your proximity
Oral activity strains your brain cavity
Calamity comes, I leave academies numb
Battle me, crumb?
You'd rather become a fan of Edan's
And drop strategy bombs to remedy bums
And spay typical [cats]
With atypical [cuts]
I slay the digital DAT dorks, who play the back door
My flow factor cracks your protractor
Attach my rap, adapt to the collapse
and fracture henchmen after,
That's an injection of Rapperfection-on-on-on
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