Heavens Gate Testo

Testo Heavens Gate

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Again, from a sleep you wake me up A touch so soft like gentle rain that falls to cool my soul Oh, you kiss my lips and say You'll never go away you need me just as I need you I open my eyes, but you're not there I realize you're already gone, I know Oh, the darkness of the night My heart has lost the light of love you brought into our home Oh, I keep you close to me The memory of you has brought this strong man to his knees Your fragrance's still here With everything you left behind I hope you're happy where you've gone chorus: How can I carry on without her next to me How can you take away the one you made for me Take me now to Heaven's gate Wait my love for me, I'll follow you I'll be with you Time is the healer Anger and pain To test my will could push me to the edge Please, touch me again Even if you're only in my dreams I need you there I open my eyes But you're not there I realize You're already gone, I know chorus: Should I believe another love could ease the pain in me Or could it be, To take my life would bring us once again, close like we used to be Or would I never see you, and burn eternally chorus

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