Lost Illusions Testo

Testo Lost Illusions

Who were the first who wanted far too much More than what he had earned or deserved All we believed and thought was truth is lost And our vision's been clouded and blurred pre chorus: Thousands of years we've been chasing Illusions to the grave All things confined into, just three dimensions You'd better build a dam before the wave chorus: Our final chance will come Between the fire and rain The time for change is done It's time to fight our way The meek get the Earth But the brave will find the strength To be the thieves One final chance will come To make the changes in me Young people find themselves deserted and lost Embracing the bottle as a son They won't believe the unbelievable cost Of chasing a lost illusion pre chorus chorus A world war beginning Don't look to see who's winning The bad and good together To live and die forever My God, the time has come To let some peace got in the way pre chorus chorus

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