One Last Love Testo

Testo One Last Love

The days of March felt so long The months and years, what went wrong I couldn't wait to see your face again When it's Sunday at the bottom of my heart. You came to see, you seemed to know You too away all that I own And now that I have strength to say goodbye It's Sunday at the bottom of my heart pre chorus: Why, are my kisses not sweet enough Why, when I touch you do you long for someone else Well now you will learn How loneliness burns chorus: One last love we make One last love mistake The memories will come and help To guide us through the pain One last love we make One last love mistake Today we go our separate ways Tomorrow brings the rain If you are only afraid Of all the words I could say I should have held you, to give you strength then tell you I'll love you till my life has gone away pre chorus chorus Please don't tell me again Save our love from the end You say it will be But then you came to kill me To thank me for the love you always had chorus

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