So Long Testo

Testo So Long

I can't go on like this, let it be over That's not the picture that you painted You've seen a better life but sirens come tonight And soon you're burning out and faded The endless chattering conceals many things But isn't worth the price of chaos I hear a voice laughing, they watch us staggering And only you and I to pay up pre chorus: When all I said and done you are the only one Who can make tomorrow painless A future promising to bring you better things May only leave you broke and shameless chorus: If I could live my life in peace and happiness, baby Then we could be the way we hoped and thought it would be Or so long some say, so long So long till I see you, I'll see you So many times before you dared the Devil Your luck is running out and wasted Too much intensity can be your enemy You think the powers' over rated You'll never know of pain or pity just the same You only seem to know the way up And still the voice laughing, they watch us staggering So now it's time for us to pay up pre chorus chorus

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