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Testo Someday

You know it drives me crazy Just seeing satin sliding around Where you and music can take me There's nothing between you and the sound One minute wrapped around your finger One dollar totally off It's not exactly how I dreamed you But it's exactly how I love to see you Give me a sign to go by Give me a reason to live Give me a try and you'll find All you ever knew a lover could give 1st chorus: I'll take you someday Someday your eyes will see I'll take you anywhere Anywhere your heart, desires to be Oh, the desire in me I remember when we were new I couldn't keep my feet on the ground And then I really got to know you Already you'd be messing around You broke my heart in little pieces You threw my pride on the floor You knew exactly how to play me Now I can say it, I can't take anymore Give me a sign to go by Give me a reason to stay Give me the time I wasted Waiting for your lies at the end of the day 2nd chorus: You'll want me someday Someday your eyes will see You'll find out soon enough Your chance of a lifetime is leaving with me When thoughts collide you won't know Who your turning to, your turning to Just stop to think of who's always Waiting for you, waiting for you 2nd chorus 1st chorus

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