Your Everything Testo

Testo Your Everything

If you believe in me, I'll be your everything I am the words that ring, when you sing anything I am the one who gives you so much to think about I am the wish you make, and all the time you take Just close your eyes and I'll be right next to you I am the only one, you can depend upon I am the places you only can dream about I am the passion scream inside your baddest dream Don't be afraid my love of dreams coming true Reach for my hand then we'll take to the sky And it won't be the last time you will fly chorus: If you believe in me, I'll be your everything Always I'm with you One kiss and you will see, I'm everything you need All your life through I am the air you breath, give you the life you need I am the eagle you soar with and dream about I am the power too, inside the heart of you When you need anything I'm everything you need Just spread your wings then we'll take to The sky and it won't be the last time you'll fly chorus

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