Malady Testo

Testo Malady

You give me a glass half full
and a glass half empty
it doesn't really matter
yeah I'm still drinkin
and I know that you lie
to make a story

yeah I wonder how you do it
why do you need to deceive
I'd love to be the first to hear
if you'd like
I won't tell I won't tell

gimme what you give yourself
a reliable source
before you take the truth on a crash course
what are you going nowhere fast for
it's over in a flash and I'm asking
spinning lies and reality
memory's the malady
that's gotten all of us sick

you tell me a tale I know
plus a twist or two
a little unbelievable to fit through
and I'd love to believe you, I would
I've been listening
have you been paying attention
or trying to think of something good to mention?
gimme just once
with light lies
chillin in the night skies
waiting for the sun and the bright rise

oh just stop just stop
I'm not hearing what you're breathing, I'm not
but I'll take the truth any way you got it
yeah I love the news a lot
if it's all true
no need for you to tell me a story
made of myth as much as genuine validity

I love you but you do it yeah you really do
why do you need to deceive
oh I'd love to be the first to hear
whisper in my ear
I won't tell I won't tell
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