Family Testo

Testo Family

its more than you
it is more than me
no matter what we are
we are a family

this dream is for all of us
this one can be real
and you cant stop us now
because of
how you feel

its more than you
it is more than me
what ever dream we have
there for the family

we re not alone anymore
now there are others there
and that dream s big enough for all of us to share

so dont think your going
your not going anywhere
you ll staying and taking your share
and if you get afaid again
i ll be there

we are a family
like a giant tree
branching taword the sky
we are a family
we are so much more
than just you and i

we are a familly
like a giant tree

growing stronger

growing wiser

we are growing

we need you

we are a family
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