Joe Knows How To Live Testo

Testo Joe Knows How To Live

Blue Monday morning at the factory gate
Almost time to clock in
The boys are all betting that Joe wouldn't show
They'd seen him over the weekend
He had four new tires on that Cadillac
Betty the waitress had some clothes in the back
Dashboard full of road maps of Mexico, Joe knows how to live

He said women were made to love, money is made to spend
Life is something, baby, you will never win again
Oh, I've got to admit it, Joe sure knows how to live

By now they'll be down at the ocean
He and Betty stretched out somewhere
The only blue in his life is the blue moonlight

Bouncing off Betty's blonde hair

Oh I can just see em rolling around in the sand
I never thought I was a jealous man
But when I think what he's doing and what I'm not, oh, I'm jealous a lot


Now Betty's back home with her mother
Joe's back on the assembly line
But he brings his pictures and his Mexican hat
Just to remind us sometimes


Oh, I hate to admit it, Joe sure knows how to live

Man, they would have fired me if I'd done that
Another thing man
I don't see how he got Betty away from her mother
That ol' girl watches her all the time
You think Joe's wife know about that yet?
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