All That Keeps Ya Goin' Testo

Testo All That Keeps Ya Goin'

When the princess and the peasants each look back at you the same When the friend that you had known before can't quite recall your name When each morning there's a cloudy sky to keep the sun from showing Then you know you are your own sometimes that's all that keeps ya going Neath the chimneys and the rooftops of a village safe and sound No one sees the face nor hears the feet that walk the morning ground And the stillness of the alleys and the highways keep a growing So you know you are your own and that alone will keep ya going Through the dampness of the dawn now by the road you walk alone And you think on days when you had laughed or of a lovve you'd known But your head is low avoiding thoughts of times you'll soon be knowing When to say you are your own ain't quite enough to keep ya going

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