Christmas Can't Be Far Away Testo

Testo Christmas Can't Be Far Away

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
A neighbor tipped his hat to me this morning
The landlord even smiled and said good day
And I want you to know, a stranger said hello
Christmas can't be far away.
Old titewad down the street is buying candy
To pass out to the neighbor kids at play
The town is on the go, the weather man said snow
Christmas can't be far away.
The small fry on our block have all been saving
And now they're hiding things and looking sly
Mom will get that do-dat she's been craving
And dad'll get his usual Christmas tie.
Both young and old are planning sweet surprises
They'll soon be tied with ribbons bright and gay
Good will is in the air, you feel it everywhere
Christmas can't be far away
Christmas can't be far away
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