I'm Letting You Go Testo

Testo I'm Letting You Go

(By Billy Grammer - Webb Pierce - Roy Drusky)

I'm trying my best to convince myself
That I'm doing the right thing by you
You'd never have asked to be free of our love
And I've loved you so much and I still do.

If you had been cheat or wrong me in someway
I guess it would be easier for me
But that's not my story it's just
That you love another not me.

I'm letting you go for I can't bear to see
All your loveliness fade away and die
Our folks will be hurt for little they know
No one knows just you and I.

The one that you loved is the one that I thought
I could make you forget and never cry
Your heart is still cold I've got heartaches untold
I'm letting you go, goodbye...
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