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Testo I'm Yours

Negrita: è uscito il nuovo album “9″
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Ask the sky above and ask the earth below
Why I'm so in love and why I love you so
Couldn't tell you though I tried dear just why did I'm yours
When you went away you left a glowing spark
Trying to be gay as whistling in the dark
I am only what you make me come take me I'm yours
How happy I would be to beg and borrow a sorrow with you
Even though I knew tomorrow you'd say we were through
If we'd drift apart then I'll be lost alone
Though you use my heart just for a stepping stone
How can I help dreaming of you I love you I'm yours
[ sax ]
If we'd drift apart...
Hmm I'm yours

Scarica la suoneria di I'm Yours!
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