Lovin' Up A Storm Testo

Testo Lovin' Up A Storm

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
My heart thunders like a thunder on an early April morn
When my baby's close beside me and we're lovin' up a storm
If the night is cold and windy I will still be nice and warm
Cause she'll have her arms around me and just lovin' up a storm
Like a streak of lightnin' flashin' that's the love light in her eyes
And I have the satisfaction of the love that never dies
I don't care if it starts raining cause I'll never be forlorn
Long as my sweet sugar's with me am I lovin' up a storm

[ steel - guitar ]

Now this thing called stormy weather doesn't mean a thing to me
Cause I've got a lovin' baby I should love her yes siree
When she reaches out to hold me I just snuggle to her arms
And my heart gets warm as sunshine when we're lovin' up a storm
Like a Tennessee tornado that's the kind of love we share
Sorta sweet and kinda local that's the way my baby cares
Guess we'll go through life together so we'll both be free from harm
No one else could stand the wather but we're lovin' up a storm
[ steel ]
No one else could stand the wather but we're lovin' up a storm
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