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Testo Sweet Bunch Of Daisies

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Sweet bunch of daisies
Oh, how dear to me,
Ever I hear them
Whispering love to me.

Murmuring so gently
In the silent theme,
Of one bright morning
Now one sad, sweet dream.

Chorus: Sweet bunch of daisies
Brought from the dell,
Kiss me once, sweetheart,
Daisies won't tell.

Give me your promise
Oh, sweetheart, do
Darling, I love you,
Won't you be true?

Sweet bunch of daisies
Treasured more than gold,
Brings back to memory
Those sweet days of old.

When we, together,
Strolled through forest green,
Gathering the daisies
Growing by the stream

Scarica la suoneria di Sweet Bunch Of Daisies!
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