That Do Make It Nice Testo

Testo That Do Make It Nice

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
When you're sittin' with your honey just as cozy as can be
And you ask her can I kiss you once or twice
If she doesn't make you kiss but she quickly answers yes
That do make it nice
When you take her to a party and the fellows buzz her down
But she holds 'em off and treats some cold as ice
Then she gets you all alone whispers honey take me home
That do make it nice
When you say goodnight and you hold her tight
While you're standing at her front door
When you want to stay and she says okay
She let's you stay a couple of kisses more man you're livin'
If she doesn't care for diamonds or a lotta fancy things
Cause she understands you haven't got the price
And just being by your side keeps her more than satisfied
That do make it nice
On the night you meet her parents and her daddy shakes your hand
And her mother looks you over once or twice
Dawn and evening's just begun if they start to call you son
That do make it nice
When you wanna pop the question but you're feelin' kinda shy
Cause you wonder if she'll go for shoes or rice
While you're planning everything she goes out and buys the ring
Ha ha ha ha that do make it nice
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