The Cattle Call Testo

Testo The Cattle Call

Woo - hoo - woo - ooo - ti - de Woo - hoo - ooo - oop - i - de - de Woo - hoo - woo - ooo - ti - de Yod-el - od-el- lo - ti - de. The cattle are prowlin' the coyotes are howlin' Way out where the dogies bawl Where spurs are a-jinglin', a cowboy is singin' This lonesome cattle call. Refrain He rides in the sun 'til his days work is done And he rounds up the cattle each [A] fall Woo - hoo - woo - ooo - ti - de Singin' his cattle call. For hours he will ride on the range far and wide When the night winds blow up a squall His heart is a feather in all kinds of weather He sings his cattle call. Refrain He's brown as a berry from ridin' the prairie And he sings with an ol' western drawl Woo - hoo - woo - ooo - ti - de Singin' his cattle call. Refrain

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