When You And I Were Young Maggie Testo

Testo When You And I Were Young Maggie

La classifica delle canzoni più trasmesse
(By George Johnson - James A. Butterfield)

I wander today to the hill Maggie to watch the scene below
The creek and the creaking old mill Maggie as we used to long, long ago
The green grove is gone from the hill Maggie where first the daisies sprung
That creaking old mill is still Maggie since you and I were young
Oh they say that m feeble with age Maggie my steps are my slower that then
My face is a well written page Maggie and time all alone was the pen
They say we have our different time Maggie as they hear our songs that we sung
But to me you're as fair as you were Maggie when you and I were young
When you and I were young
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