In My Shadow Testo

Testo In My Shadow

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Take this guilt for free
You will never see
I don't wanna make a noise
I should have known by now
I'd already found
What my life was longing for
I know it's supposed to be
Just you and me
We all can lose control
I don't wanna go
You don't wanna know
Exactly what went on that day

Is this the end of everything....

Oh in my shadow there's a secret
That I don't want you to see
In my heart now there is just on lie
You will never know
I found the value and now I changed me
But I cannot undo what's done
In my heart now there is just one lie
You will never know

We heard it all before
Don't unlock the door
Struggles on to keep it closed
I think of only me
I dream a darker dream
Lie some more to save my name
Shadows killing me
Oh all I'll ever be
One time I lost control
I'm not letting go
You will never know
Exactly what went on that day
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