Darkday Testo

Testo Darkday

Whispers, Travelling with the windLike fragments of unbecoming, thegathering of our sins.Crying, tears from the blind man.Now you see so much better without eyes,when something dies.He sees the unbecoming.The one's nevermade.The unmaking (of worlds) he knows them.This man now weeps and prays.No. This wasn't meant to be.In all the dreams that I have dreamtthis wasn't our destiny.As explorer of earthsand adventurer of the stars I know thatI should've known.Now the sorrow spectrumgrows and the world will stay unsaved.I know that I should've seen.I know the unbecoming.The worlds nevermade.The unmaking, I know them.And no wI weep and pray.Whispers, Travelling...(chorus)Now, the darkday has come.Now O know, now I see, that evilnever dies, it just sleeps.It just sleeps...

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