Dead But Dreaming Testo

Testo Dead But Dreaming

Cold, pale, ro rest I'm laid no shivers
from inside. Entombed and forgotten,
here, forever I shall hide. Feel no blood
flow in me. But I feel so alive. I feel my
body slowly rot in my wet grave. Deceased
and putrifacted but my soul I have saved.
Feel no blood flow in me, feel no blood.
When I have ceased, and death is real.
When I'm lowered down. Beyond my
destiny. Past the day mourning. Enter the
twilight of death thru the night of pos-
session, to the dawn of dreams. Dead but
dreaming. Enter the dawn of dreams,
enter the dawn of the dead... As I die, as I
fade. In my dreams, I am awake. As I fade
from this rotting world, dead as hell.
Trapped in myself. My life among the
living was nothing but pain, but now I'm
set free beyond my destiny. I've been the
one who's giving. Slowly drained of life.
Dream my enemy, forever I'm your sleep.

[Riffs: Swan”/Axelsson/Nerberg]
[Lyrics: Axelsson]
[Performed and arranged by Edge of Sanity]
[Creation: 1991]
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