Feedin' The Charlatan Testo

Testo Feedin' The Charlatan

"We're Back!!!!"

All your life have been living lies
Locked inside your false paradise
Your problem is you're too blind to see
You have false illusions of being free
Catch up on reality
You're living in a dream
your mind is twisted,
Nothing is what it seems

[Chorus:] It all comes slearer as the smokescreen falls
You open up your ears
to hear my calls then you'll know what you need
Can't tell that the dust of angels leeds you straight to hell

To play the game you must pay the cost
But you'll be long gone before you're lost
Then you'll be trapped in a giant web
And some sunny day you will end up dead.

[Music & Lyrics by Axelsson/Larsson]
[Arranged by Axelsson/Nerberg/Larsson/Swan”;]
[Lead vocals by Dread]
["We're back" by Sami]
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